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Welcome and thank you for viewing my web page,my name is Casey Klomp. I'm a photographer because it's a passion of mine, something I've always enjoyed doing so why not work at something that you love to do. It took some time for me to reach this opportunity, from working on a family farm to working in the automotive industry, and just in my recent years...the insurance industry. All the while taking photos of everything and anything that I could possibly shoot, still to this day I enjoy taking wildlife photos, it's kind of what got me started in the first place.


Over the years I've done my weddings and anniversary parties for friends and for friends of friends, but it's who you meet at these  types of functions  and throughout life that can be totally amazing.  I've worked with Monster Cable along with Fender Guitar at such events as; The Junos, Canadian Country Music Awards and Indie Week in Toronto to name a few, and again just by who one meets through life's travels. I have to thank those people in the past and the people who are helping me now to pursue my new venture.


 Now social media is a fine tool and it has grown beyond most people's expectations, for me, I'm still a little old fashioned and like to meet and give a handshake to my clients that I will be working along side with, I mean, I think and hope that the one on one approach still means something in this wired world. I look forward to meeting you.


As for my work, plain and simple...If I'm not happy with it, you're not going to see it. I take pride in my work. I strive for perfection. My goal is to keep you consistantly happy with the photography I provide, so it makes your day just a little easier. LET'S GET STARTED.




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